About Us

Cubist is a San Francisco based firm specializing in branded art that celebrates success. We are a small and nimble company, staffed with experienced professionals and 100% dedicated to the clients we serve, most of whom are repeat customers.

Why Cubist?

Cubism is an early 20th-century style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and use was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and, later, collage. - Dictionary.com

Many years ago while visiting a friend in Paris, I decided to go to Poissy, to see Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye structure.  We took a train and then walked through town to the monument.  Upon arriving, we found the gate locked with a "Closed for Repairs" sign. My friend turned sadly towards me but was astounded that I did not appear dejected.  In fact, I was elated to finally see the white concrete modern house from all angles, to be able to walk around the structure and experience it from multiple viewpoints.  It is what I love and appreciate about architecture: the ability to view it from many perspectives, to understand its relationship to the surroundings, to enjoy the geometric lines of structure.  This is what I bring to and envision for Cubist.  

Each lucite, each award, each tombstone tells a unique story.  This is the fun part of the deal.  Let's walk around it together.

Charol Morikawa, founder of Cubist

Charol Morikawa studied urban studies, art and architecture at Brown University, Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts.  She has 20+ years experience in the deal toy industry, starting in New York City and developing markets in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and S. Korea.